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From Khalifa Tawwaba Bloch, research assistant
Working on this biography project is a deeply absorbing process. Early on, when he accepted the task, Wali Ali had an inner sign to invite dedicated mureeds to join in the research. This guidance included the awareness of creating an opportunity for the participants to experience Fana-fi-Pir through an inner connection.

It has been a remarkable opening for each researcher in his/her own way. Each of us develops a focus on a certain aspect of Murshid's life. This book can now be written with a depth not previously accessible, through the advances of searchable archives. These include the Ruhaniat materials, as well as a wealth of genealogical resources and contemporaneous newspapers. There is a developing sense of the texture and the fragrance of his life. We have a window into his family lineage that opens a doorway into understanding his conditioning and how he worked through his karma and his dharma in his life.

I am on fire with the prospect of Murshid SAM being available to us in all dimensions of his true humanity. Inshallah, your support of the project will be richly rewarded with the fruits of our work.

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From Pir Shabda Kahn

Beloved Family,

Urged by inner guidance, more than a decade ago, I approached Murshid Wali Ali Meyer to write a proper biography of our teacher Murshid Samuel Lewis.

About one year ago, Murshid Wali Ali agreed to take on the project. This past year he created teams of volunteers to gather accurate information on the details of Murshid Samís life, his ancestry, his involvement in the world, reviewing all the interviews done after Murshid Sam passed and doing follow up interviews etc.

Now he has begun writing. We are all familiar with his writing skills and mystic heart, having done a superb job with Physicians of the Heart!

We estimate the project will take three years to complete. In order to raise the funds needed to see the project through to completion, including monthly support for Murshid Wali Ali, editing, book design, printing and distribution we are asking for donations.

We will create a special edition hardcover published under Ruhaniat Publications. For your donation of $200 or more, you will receive a first-edition, personally signed copy by Murshid Wali Ali.

We also invite anyone inspired, to make donations of any amount to support this worthwhile project, which we feel will be a blessing for generations to come.

Much Love, Pir Shabda Kahn